Vasant Dhar's  paper on algorithmic trading he presented at Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 2015 conference (KDD 2015) [voice recording of the presentation at KDD 2015]


"Computers are making more and more decisions for us, and increasingly so in areas that require human judgment. There is a palpable increase in machine intelligence across the touch points of our lives, driven by the proliferation of data feeding into intelligent algorithms capable of learning useful patterns and acting on them. A natural question to ask is how we should be thinking about the role of computers in managing our money. Should we trust our money to a robot? In an era of big data and machines to make sense of it all, do machines have an inherent advantage over humans? There is a surge of interest in Artificial Intelligence for financial prediction. Should we pay attention? Or is this an areawhere human judgment and input is always essential? "

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